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Full Production

Includes recording, mixing and mastering

migou-soundpool will accompany you through every step of your production and help your music to sound world-class.

In our perfectly equipped recording rooms, we are prepared for a wide variety of recording scenarios and ensure optimal recording quality from the first beat.

Due to decades of experience working with rock bands, we are able to implement your ideas right from the start and help you achieve your dream sound.


Mixing is the most crucial step for the final sound of your production.

Specializing in modern rock, we bring your tracks together to make them powerful and big. Our experience as well as selected high-end equipment give your music the necessary warmth and ensure a unique listening experience.

With our live stream system, you can even attend your mix-session from the comfort of your home.


This is the final step to give your production the finishing touches.

We will do everything to ensure that your songs meet industry standards and have just the right amount of pressure and dynamics. They will sound absolutely convincing.

In addition to a balanced overall sound, we ensure that your music works perfectly on every imaginable monitoring system on the globe.

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Work Samples


Thomas Jenni
Vocals Swissmayd CH

I am very satisfied with the recording and the mix as well as the collaboration with Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli ...


Richy Denis
Drums at: We will Rock you, Motown, Rocky Horror Show, Beatrice Egli...

Recording-sessions with Ghandi in the Studio are straight forward but never stressed...


Emanuel Reiter
Singer Songwriter DE / CH

10 years ago I was in a recording studio for the first time in my life. And that was with Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli at migou-soundpool ...



about migou-soundpool

Since its establishment 25 years ago, the Migou-Soundpool recording studio has been onwed and directed by Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli with great commitment and dedication.

As a recording and mixing studio, migou-soundpool has already helped many bands from the rock genre to achieve their goals during this quarter of a century.

Even after such a long time, there's nothing better for the studio crew than seeing customers being happy with their finished product.

We live and work for these moments at migou-soundpool.

We love rock n' roll - U2?

Andreas "Ghandi" Vetterli

Owner migou-soundpool-Studio, Producer, Livesound-Ing. FOH, Monitor, System


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